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A Travel Guide to Olympique de Marseille

Om 1988-89It seems a far cry from the late 1980s and early 90s – an era that belonged to Marseille – when then club President Bernard Tapie built one of the greatest sides in French football history – the days of “Magic Chris” Waddle, Abedi Pele and Jean-Pierre Papin et al, culminating in Marseille winning the European Cup in 1993. Though I’m sure L’OM fans will want to gloss over the painful match fixing scandal of 1994 – now water under the bridges of Valenciennes.

These days there is talk of a ‘Marseille project’ – with those in charge of the club wanting to use ‘the Dortmund model’ to guide squad investment; restrict costs and salaries (translation – getting Loic Remy off the wage bill) and re-build and stabilise over the next 2-3 years. However, critics cite the relative inexperience of the squad as being one of Marseille’s major problems, as well as an ongoing slapdash approach to blowing massive amounts of Euros on unproven players – all not very Dortmund sounding.mars 1991092 -Pierre Gignac keeps finding the net in 2013/14. We watch with interest.


Marseille are another club with a tradition of classy football kits – easy really with traditional kits of predominantly all one colour – less chance of kit designers running ruin ( so writes a bitter WBA fan). The team traditionally play in white and light blue detailing – the colours adopted as a nod to the city of Marseille’s Greek founders back in the very olden days of time. Marseille and adidas have a very strong relationship going back over many seasons. Interestingly, in 2011/2012, kit maker and club held a competition where a fan was able to design the team’s away kit – a superb idea. The winning kit was a classy black with gold stripes.

ultrasHere are three we like – a lot.

ARCH-RIVALS: This is of course obvious – Paris Saint-Germain are Marseille’s arch-rivals and we have already written of Le Classique (matches played between L’OM and PSG) elsewhere on the site – a game where a large proportion of the French, from Calais down to Corsica, unite behind Marseille against the might of Paris. As with El Clásico, this fixture is about more than football and is also a kick against the dominating economic and cultural influence of Paris in France. Others argue that games between Marseille and Saint-Etiénne – the teams with the most silverware – are the real French Classico. You decide. (Gallic shrug.)

Michelin Guide is pretty much useless

by Ornellaia

For restaurants in Italy. As good as it is in France, in Italy it will lead you to overpriced fancy restaurants serving mediocre food that has been influenced by French techniques. It is good for finding places to stay, specially if you are just winging were you are going to stay. Go with Plotkin and Slowfood instead. A regular poster here who is also a chef just got back from Italy where he was doing research for an upcoming project and he was blown away by the quality of restaurants in the Slowfood Osterie guide. He was dissapointed everytime he ate at a starred Michellin restaurant.

'Rendez-vous en France' 2014 Hosts 20000 Operator-Supplier Meetings  — Travel Agent
The ninth edition of the Rendez-vous en France travel trade show kicked off on March 31 with a soirée at the Vulcania theme park outside Clermont-Ferrand.

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