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Honua Kai Resort in Kaanapali – Best Two Bedroom Deals

Honua Kai Resort-Hokulani 748 . This blog post contains the new pricing for all the developer units for sale at Honua Kai as well as some general information about the Honua Kai Resort and Spa.

Best 2 bedroom/2 bathroom ocean view at Honua Kai

Hokulani #748 was originally priced at $1, 675, 000 and is now down to $1, 199, 000. This is about a 28% savings of initial developer pricing. Talk about some awesome views right?

It’s hard to beat the beautifully contrasting views of the ocean, the silhouette of Molokai, the Honua Kai pools, and the gorgeous West Maui Mountains from Hokulani #748 at the Honua Kai Resort. A view that wouldn’t really even come close to as good would cost you well over $2, 000, 000 at The Whaler or Kaanapali Ali’i, two other very popular Kaanapali condos for sale.

Honua Kai-Konea Pool with bridgeOverall 2 bedroom values at the Honua Kai Resort

  • Konea #826
  • Konea #726
  • Konea#626

I really like the #26 stack at the Konea Tower. Below is the video of Konea #826 which was originally priced at , 131, 000 and is now offered at 9, 000. Konea #726 is available for 4, 900 and Konea #626 is available for 9, 000. These units are 28%-30% off their original pricing.

Konea #826 – Due to its higher elevation, Konea #826 is going to have slight superior views than #726 and #626, and this justifies the price differences between the two. Unequivocally, the Honua Kai Resort has the best valued condos in all of West Maui and they are starting to sell very quickly.

Cheryl and Charles Reichart of Great Falls, Montana are soon to close on their one bedroom unit in Hokulani – they are so pleased with their investment. Read what they had to say in the comments section in one of my previous blogs, Honua Kai Resort in Kaanapali Maui – this post has some awesome videos, aerial photography, and great information about the resort. Earlier this week, I assisted a very experienced and savvy investor in picking up a 1 bedroom unit in Konea – he is considering purchasing several more.

Are you looking for value? I would encourage you to inquire directly with me, so that we can lock up unit(s) and book your tickets to Maui to make your final buying decision. Please reach out directly to me at my below contact information, or feel free to create your own account, where you can view all properties on the MLS and save your favorites. and you will see the tab at the very top right of the page that says Sign Up, which you can then click on and follow the steps—it is easy and rewarding.

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Hawaii honeymoon help

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We're getting married in october and we're having 9 days and 8 nights honeymoon in hawaii. We're both 25 and we're looking for the best place and island for fun. We're looking for the island with the best beaches and nightlife, ie boozing and dancing, and local culture. Our budget is around $6K for both of us. Does anyone have any suggestions for hotels, airfare, deals, and insider information? any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Kate V
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I would love to go to Greece, but I don't know if I will have enough time to get there and enjoy my time there. How long would it take to get there? and will I have time to relax and hit the beaches?
I would also like to climb the Alps, but is it safe to be an unfamiliar climber on the Alps? I have climbing experience, but I'm not sure how much the…

You could take one of those discount flights and be there by dark. then you spend your time.

If you are in Salzburg, and you want to hike the alps, you probably don't have to hike far from your door. Salzburg is pretty much IN the alps. Really beautiful country. And not that far from Switzerland, if you want to cross the border for a weekend, that should be easy to do.

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Be creative please!

Uzes is a town in the languedoc-roussilon (probably spelled that wrong)
it's not too touristy and a beautiful historic town, i lived there for the summer!

if you're going to be in southern france, try montpelier for the beaches and lyon (not really southern) for the food!

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If you think you might be traveling a lot to French speaking countries or if in your future job a language is necessary I would learn it. Learning a language will take months and months of study. French is a beautiful language and you would be surpised how people speak it.

However you should get a travel guide and learn some basic sentences and phrases. In Paris many speak English, but you should not count on it. Toulouse is not Paris and there will not…

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