Best Islands of Hawaii

Top 5 Hawaii Islands You Ought to Visit During Your Trip

Hawaii IslandsIf you’re planning for an exotic Hawaii trip, you can find all information here at /. Knowing what to expect makes the trip, adjustment, and transition much easier. Below you can find best islands of Hawaii.

Amazing Location

Hawaii is the new state of the US that’s located in the central Pacific Ocean, somewhere in the northeast of Australia and southeast of Japan. If you’re a tourist, you probably would want to know the highlights, importance, and significance of the place you’re planning to visit.

Beyond the golden sands, emerald valleys, and deep Blue Ocean, these islands offer some fundamental experiences that you cherish for rest of life. Deciding what places to visit for your Hawaii trip is an important step; each island has its own charm; all are mostly lush and tropical, especially Maui and Big Island.


If you like to hike, green things, nature, you must visit Kauai. It is the best place for you to enjoy the ecological-based activities. The beautiful scenery and incredibly elegant beaches can’t beat other places. Being the oldest island, it’s one of the most romantic places. From west-facing sandy beaches to Hanalei Bay, there are many spectacularviews in this place.

The sunset, backdrop, and salmon-colored clouds are unparalleled. You can find infinite number of world-class hotels and restaurants, where you get delicious foods. The wildlife is abundant and there is always a river or beach alongside to keep you cool. It is one of the main islands of Hawaii, acquiring a total area of 562 sq miles.Kailua-Kona and Hilo ges are known for their rugged coastline and steep cliffs.

Big Island

Trip to Hawaii’s Big Island is an investment; the down fluted sea cliffs, volcanic peaks, ancient lava flows, there are more to explore. Its largest cities are Kailua-Kona and Hilo. It’s the home to active volcanoes. Located 30miles south of Hilo, the Volcanoes national park is spread over 333, 000 acres and Mauna Loa is the most active and massive volcano. The ancient petro glyphs, palm-fringed beaches, and Lava Lake add more to making it an atmospheric destination.


Oahu is for those, who enjoy fine accommodations, big city and fine dining. Being Hawaii’s third largest island, it’s the center of the state’s economy and government. The shops, beaches, and valleys are the top attractions. Other best places to visit include Waikiki, North Shore, and the Pearl Harbor. The Nu-uanuPali has the most stunning views and that can literally knock you off your feet. Lanikai beach has plenty of soft sand for a great morning, and evening walk.

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