Best Islands to Visit in Hawaii

Top Things to Do and See in Hawaii

Already counting days and cannot wait for a vacation? Still don’t know where to go? Consider Hawaii – the top holiday destination! White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, pleasant climate – everything is here. Besides there are plenty of other attractions and activities – check them out in this list.

10. Honokohau Falls

The impressive waterfall is found in the West Maui Mountains. With a 335 m (1100 ft) plunge it is the tallest one in Maui. However, it is inaccessible for the hikers. The best way to admire this impressive natural wonder is from a helicopter.

Why to go there?

Amazing views of Honokohau and other sites on a helicopter tour.

How to get there?

By helicopter – contact Hawaiian helicopter tour operators.

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9. The Haiku Stairs

Found on the Island of Oahu, 3922 stairs are also deservedly known as the Stairway to Heaven. Although closed for repair, the adventurers manage to circumvent the security guard and climb the stairs regardless to admire the spectacular views.

Top Things to See and Do in Hawaii-Honokohau-Photo by Royce BairWhen to go there?

During a bright time of a day.

Drive to Haiku Village and find a place to park. From there you will have to walk to the entrance.

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8. Punaluʻu Beach

The beach deserves a separate introduction, due to its unique black sand. Found on the Big Island, the coloration is a result of a volcanic activity. It is also a place where endangered Green Sea turtles bask and can often be spotted here.

You can camp, have a picnic, watch turtles and bathe on the beach.

From Hawaii Belt Road take Ninole road or head towards the Sea Mountain Resort.

Top Things to See and Do in Hawaii-Honokohau-Photo by Joe CariniRead more: Punaluʻu – a Unique Black Sandy Beach

7. Queen’s Bath

A naturally formed dam is a pleasing attraction, which provides an exhilarating swim. In summer the bath is filled with warm clear water. The waterfall adjacent to the Queen’s Bath rinses off salty water – perfect natural resort!

When to go there?

In Summer.

The natural pool is found on Kauai island. Drive Highway 56 to the parking lot. Queen’s Bath is only 10 minutes walk from there.

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6. Get Married

Hawaii is probably the most favorite and popular spot to get married. Rock stars, Hollywood actors and other couples exchange rings during a romantic ceremony on the beach, hill, lavender field, on a private island or even on a boat.

When to do that?

All year round.

How to do that?

Arrange your wedding by applying for a marriage license first.

5. See the Volcanoes

Since Hawaii is of a volcanic origin, there are plenty of active volcanoes. Mauna Loa is the largest subaerial volcano in the world, while Kīlauea is the most active of the five volcanoes that form Hawaii. Real adventurers get as close as possible to snap a picture of an eruption.

Top Things to See and Do in Hawaii-Stairs-Photo by Mark Payton Top Things to See and Do in Hawaii-Stairs-Photo by Myk Salonga Top Things to See and Do in Hawaii-Panalu-Photo by Evan Gearing Top Things to See and Do in Hawaii-Panalu-Photo by Michael Paravano

How to island hop in Hawaii?

by redtulip

I am booking a trip to Hawaii soon and want to hear about the best way to visit other islands.
-Does anyone know of a good way to book a trip going into Maui and then leaving from Big Island? (All the bookings I have seen have you arriving and departing from the same location.)
-Is the best way to go about this is it fly in and out of Maui and take flights to the other islands while I am in Hawaii?
Thanks for the help.

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