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Honolulu’s Bishop Museum

The Bishop Museum is Hawaii’s largest museum. Originally built to house royal Hawaiian artifacts from the Kamehameha dynasty, today it is home to the world’s most extensive collection of Polynesian artifacts. Bishop Museum is also home to the eighth largest entomological collection in the world. The museum features planetarium shows, a science and activity center where they make lava twice a day, and showcases traveling international exhibits. There is even a life size Offering fun for the whole family, the Bishop Museum is a great place to learn about the cultures of Polynesia, and see things you will only find in Hawaii! Visit the Hawaii Travel Guide’s Bishop Museum page.

Things to do in Hawaii: Turn To Do into To Done!

We hope our Travel Guide is a useful tool in helping plan your vacation and choosing which things to do in Hawaii. Check out a recent blog post for tips on how to turn your vacation “to do” list into a “to done” list. Aloha!

It's a big, wonderful place

by Pulelehua

You don’t say whether you will be on the Hilo side or Kona-Kailua side of the Big Island. Based on the interests you mention, you may want to divide your trip to include both. "Ride da flume" is also referred to as “flumin’ da ditch.” It’s on the Kona side. I believe most of the dolphin explorations originate Kona-side (an idiom, since directions such as east and west don’t mean much when you are on an island). Suggest you go for a whale watching trip since they will in Hawaii while you are. You will, most likely, see dolphins, too.
I highly recommend Arnott’s Lodge for both the trips to Mauna Kea (observatories) and Mauna Loa (the active volcano)

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