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Vacations are highly celebrated in our country mainly because of the beauty that India has. Incredible in all its forms, India is rightly the ‘heaven on earth’. As the standard of living increases in people, so did the need for holidays. This influx in capital developed the tourism industry.

Tourism today is in its best phase, one must say. It is the epiphany with which people regard this industry today that it has bloomed. Some places of tourist interest in our country are- Bodh Gaya (Bihar), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Kullu- Manali (Himachal Pradesh), Allapuzha (Kerala), Konark (Odisha) etc.

Travelling is fun. The exciting journey from our usual stay to the tourist place is filled ecstasy. Earlier, flights were the fetish of the rich but today, with the coming up of a variety of cheap flights in India it is affordable even for the middle- class. Flight travel is preferred by many people because it is faster and it also provides luxurious comforts.

For example, Bodh Gaya is a wonderful pilgrim place in Bihar. Yore, it was difficult for people to reach there owing to lack of connectivity but today, one can get down at Patna and reach Gaya and even travel to a variety of places like Kolkata, Ranchi and Delhi, so on.

Flights are widely categorized as Domestic and International. A Domestic/ National flight is any flight with civil aviation that flies within the same country. For example, there are numerous domestic flights in India which takes you from Mumbai to Bihar or from Goa to Delhi; since the starting as well as ending point lies in the same country and therefore it is called as Domestic flight.

Flights which cater to the needs of individuals who wish to venture out of the country are called as international flights. For example, a traveler goes from India to Canada; i.e. the person flies to a different country and thus, it is called an international flight.

Hence, travelling has become much feasible and easier today. The click of a button helps you to book your ticket. A variety of flight bookings are a part of holiday packages now. It also lets you to check the quality and price of the place of visit. Some sites cater especially for you to enable the best stay at a reasonably good price; also cheap domestic flights in India are easily available. India has emerged as a good tourist location today!

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by durtyoldman

Tours of India are expensive, and I don't forgive that. India is cheap, and I finally found a tour that reflects that. Cost is prox $1,000 for ten days. Includes travel within India and hotels. Does not include meals nor the flight to India.
I want to travel with a woman. First, because I am more careful if I am responsible for someone else (going alone, I get too reckless). Second, something delightful might happen. I am healthy, fun, nice looking, full head of graying hair. All the good things, but I am married to a handicapped wife.
If any woman wants to go with me, you must pay your half of everything

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Recomended Guide Books for Hawaii?

My family is just begining to plan for our first trip to Hawaii. We want couple of good guide books to help us plan everything. Where to stay, what to do, etc.

There are so many books out there, I was hoping someone would have a suggestion to help us.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on which island you're going to. This should help you get started:

when you get to the baggage claim area, or front airport lobbies, they have tons of Free brochures (some with discount coupons)! Taxi's are too expensive, look in one of the free brochure's for a round trip Shuttle service.

have fun and Aloooooooooooooooooooooha! :o)
p.s. our avatars look almost the same, lol

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