Golden Triangle (India)

Visiting the Golden Triangle, India – with Alastair Sawday

Sawdays Special Places to stay India & Sri LankaApr 14

I’ve always wanted to visit India – The Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, the tranquil waters of Kashir and Kerala, the heat and beaches of Goa and the cool hill stations of Shimla and Darjeeling. One day I will get there, but in the meantime I am reading up all I can and planning my journey from my armchair!

As a lover of the Alastair Sawday books, I was delighted to discover Sawday’s India & Sri Lanka Special Places To Stay. I spent a magical time looking through the book and dreaming of the trip. As a first time visitor Rajasthan seems to have plenty to offer. There are loads of wonderful choices – from palaces and luxury hotels to homely B&Bs, tree houses and tents – to suit every budget, from simple to the super luxurious. All the places are chosen with Sawday’s unique approach to accommodation – “We look for comfort, originality, authenticity and reject the insincere, anonymous and the banal.”

I fell in love with exotic locations like Neemrana Fort-Palace built over 6 centuries and spread over 11 levels, Devra Udaipur with its organic farm and views across Lake Pichola, Savista Retreat and its musical preformances on the amphitheatre steps and Dev Villas with 7 ‘stylish safari tents’ and India’s most famous tiger reserve nearby.

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Lonely Planet sux Use Rough Guide

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Rajasthan is excellent for villages. It's so incredible.
There are tiny villages and medium sized ones, they're beautiful , the architecture is fantastic and the people are beautiful and proud. Spend time in the desert on camels etc.
It's very different form the rest of India.
The south is my favourite place. The food.....!
In the middle of the south are mountains, Munnar and the Coorg region, it's amazing, a whole area of tribal people descendants of Alexander the great, they look different, and wear amazing capes and swords. Some areas are very remote and if you stay in the little villages you can walk around hiking, see tigers etc

India's beautiful architecture as symbols of love shows it has a heart of gold  —
The train was just one leg on an enthralling trip touring the Golden Triangle, India's most popular northern cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. I confess I have had a long, bordering on obsessive attraction to the Rajasthan region.

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