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Four Hot Italian Destinations For A Late Spring Vacation

FTG-ItalianSpringBreak-CreditHotelSplendidoItalians know that the best kind of break is a long weekend of pampering, good food and a gorgeous seaside view. And Italy cannot be beat for some of the most beautiful and whim-satisfying locations. From Portofino to Positano, we line up the top places for your Italian spring getaway.

Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda

The tiny northern Sardinian harbor of Porto Cervo is Italy’s hideaway and playground for the rich and famous, whether it’s a dance-floor-romping Rihanna, yacht-partying Gwyneth Paltrow or villa-hopping Silvio Berlusconi. While Porto Cervo’s small town is peppered with amazing boutiques, restaurants and clubs, you won’t want to leave its gorgeous beaches with clear, emerald-green water and undeniably soft sand.

Where to stay: Hotel Cala di Volpe, built by the Aga Khan in the 1960s as a jetsetter’s paradise, this resort is a luxury village within a village. Even with its amazing suites — decked out in traditional Sardinian décor, en suite pools and coastline views — summer star chef series and activities such as beachside horseback riding, Cala di Volpe is best known for its legendary poolside beach club. Opens for the season on May 26.

Hotel Cala di VolpePorto Ercole and Maremma

Tuscany is not just a country house, rolling hills and a gorgeous sunset. The Tuscan seaboard is a gorgeous, all-season area of exploration from Monte Argentario’s harbor towns of Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, islands such as Giannutri and beach villages to wine estates such as Ornellaia, natural reserves and hilltop towns such as Pitigliano — and that’s just the immediate area.

Where to stay: The historic Hotel Il Pellicano, sitting above the tiny bay of Porto Ercole, is a remembrance of things past with its cluster of coral stucco villas. Its quiet intimacy — and perhaps the beautiful bougainvillea and delicious cliff-side restaurant — makes Il Pellicano far more than exclusive. Open for the season.

Portofino and Cinque Terre

Set on the Ligurian coast, is a colorful fishing town and standout destination. After you’re bored with Portofino’s charm and never-never land atmosphere, it’s easy to head south to nearby Cinque Terre for a quick hike to reality.

Where to stay: A former monastery and now century-old resort, Hotel Splendido is the place to book a room in Portofino. Its Great Gatsby vibe (excessive luxury plus turn-of-the-century style) is complemented by its unrivaled view of the water. Nearly all of its 64 rooms (34 of which are suites) have balconies facing the harbor. But the best amenities are the saltwater infinity pool and access to the hotel’s motorboat. Open for the season.

Suggest a Travel Guide? Frommers, etc.....

by wcsac

I'm going to Europe with a small group of friends after we graduate from nursing school in September. We are of mixed ages but mostly late 20's to early 40's so don't want to do the youth hostel thing per se but aren't going to do the expensive hotel thing either since we are just out of college. Can anyone suggest some good travel guides? I've heard that it's best to use different ones for different countries depending on each one's expertise. We are planning on starting in either London or Paris and then proceeding to Germany and working our way down to Italy and then across to Greece.

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