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NaplesNaples city is one of the most populated municipalities in Italy and is ranked with the likes of Milan. Naples historic center is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features numerous monumental and historical churches. Central Naples is the prime attraction in the city and has excellent pizzerias, Greco- roman underground ruins, barouque churches and famous streets such as Spaccanapoli where you can buy costumes, souvenirs and Neapolitan nativity figures. The Agnano is a volcanic crater that is favored and famed greatly by the Greeks and Romans due to its hot springs.Naples-Castel_Nuovo Naples biggest sporting centre.

Posillipo and Chiaia feature underwater and land based Roman ruins and are a famous destination thanks to the many historical attractions found here like baraouque churches, gardens and palaces that make the two charming destinations. The neighborhoods of Arenella and Vomero are dotted with more churches, more trees and villas and castles. San Carlo all’ Arena is a nice neighborhood with one of the biggest monumental palaces in Naples and a graveyard. Centro direzionale is the city’s business section and mostly characterized by Japanese designed skyscrapers. Tourists flying in to Naples are served by the Naples International Airport. Traffic can be extremely heavy in Naples and you can get around the city in several ways like by using a taxi, bus, subway/ train.

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Stay flexible - recent strikes and holidays

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Just today the Railworkers started another strike in Italy and service is disrupted. The strikes last all day to several days and have been frequent in the last month. Suggest you purchase individual travel tickets at the station and keep your plans flexible due to the stikes and Easter holidays. English is widely spoken at most stations and are easy to navigate.
I highly recommend a trip to Pompeii - and advise AGAINST spending any time in Naples other than to switch trains in the station to the Pompeii local train. Do purchase a guide to the ruins as signs are lacking. However, you pretty much can go anywhere in Pompeii and explore without barricades or restrictions

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Michelle F
Where can I book a vacation in Italy for the Summer of 2012?

Is there any website online where I can book a vacation for anywhere in Italy (preferably Rome) in either July or August 2012? Someplace inexpensive would be nice. :)

It's too early to book for 2012. Check the travel guides and tourism websites to find the places you'd be interested in visiting and start planning for the trip, but you'll have to wait to actually book anything for those dates. You need to think about rather you want an organized tour or to travel independently, what your budget will look like for the trip, places you'd like to see and things to do on the trip. Then come back with more detailed questions in another year.

What is a good book to learn about Italy?

My dream is to take a trip to Italy one day. In the mean time I'd like to learn a lot about it first. What is a good recommended book that can help me learn lots about the country? I guess you could consider it a tour guide, but I want a book that'll talk about all parts of Italy: the food, the places, the shopping, typical famous attractions and must sees. I especially want to know about the beautiful country sides and villages outside of the large cities like Rome and Venice. Also maybe…

I'll add that it doesn't hurt to have some knowlege of the Roman empire and then the Renaissance, too. It's not essential, but it's a major part of Italy's heritage, and a good portion of why it is what it is, today.

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