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the beginning of this era, when they served as shelters of those in need. Through the years they were canvas of the most eminent artists who have turned the once known ''domus ecclesiae'' to striking pieces of architecture and fine arts. After Vatican claimed sovereignty the role of religion has strengthen. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise the fact that Rome has more than 200 churches and 19 basilicas.If you want to inform yourselves on accommodation, public transport and attractions, you can easily search for Rome on Google Maps. This will enable you to get a sneak peak of almost every corner of Rome. It is also very convenient for booking hotels.
To sum up, it really does not matter if you choose the typical tours around the city or the more adventurous off-track sightseeing, Rome will amaze you either way. While the long and turbulent history raises its name to greatness, the charm of today's Rome ties its existence to eternity.

Rick Steve's Travel on the Cheap Tips

by florence11

I went to Italy this past June. I was amazed to find at least 4 people in 3 cities in Italy reading the Rick Steve's Travel Book. I jotted down advice from fellow American tourists who had the Rick Steve's book & find that he offers many useful tips & travel on the cheap advices. My friends & I went to a few restaurants recommended in the Rick Steve's book, they were excellent & affordable, much better than the touristy restaurants (overpriced & not good).
If you're on tight budget, try your local library or Barnes & Noble book store & peruse the travel guide book section for Rick Steve's books

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