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Cat-Cafe-tokyo2Applying as the Austrian Ambasssador for HPAIR in Japan and conducting research for the application essays taught me one thing: I don’t know much about Asia in general and Japan in particular. When I think of Japan – probably like for most Europeans – the first things that come to my mind are Sushi, Sake, Origami and tea ceremonies. As I did not want to settle with only those clichés in mind, I started collecting information about Japan and came across some fun-facts which I would like to share with you.

1) Sleeping on the job is acceptable in Japan as it’s viewed as exhaustion from working hard. Awesome…Taking powernaps would have been exactly what I needed in my last internship. Increasing productivity and efficiency a lot.

2) There is a cat café in Japan where you can go to drink coffee and hang out with cats. Alright…I found that weird until I did some further research and found out that those kind of cafés also exist in London, Paris and – guess what- in Vienna (It even was one of the first cat cafés in Europe to follow the Asian trend). Haha gotta have a coffee and hang out with cats in the next days.

3) In Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof because youngsters use them even in the shower. I mean…that’s actually useful because let’s face it: most people call you while you are having a shower.

4) Japan’s birth rate is so low that adult diapers are sold more than baby diapers. That is not a fun fact but actually a sad fact.

5) In Japan there are more pets than children. Let me guess…cats?

6) Japanese trains are among the World’s most punctual: their average delay is just 18 seconds. Haha..for some kind of reason I had to think of my South American friends reading that fact. They were already amazed by how much European trains stick to their schedules – but 16 seconds delay? That really is a best time hard to top.

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How about the 1905 japanese russian war?

by CommanderFever

How about Japan approaching the us or the allied command who was fighting them. Stalin was not a factor till he decided to declare war on japan till the war was over in Europe and practically over in japan.......August 1945
August 1945
August 1945
August 1945
When was it we bombed Nagasaki?
oh yea
August of 1945

10 favourite things about Japan  — Vancouver Sun
There is much to like about Japan. After 14-days touring from Tokyo to Takayama, Kanazawa to Kyoto, Osaka to Nara, I am coming away with some lasting impressions and a list of quite a few favourite things.

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