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Booking Japan Airlines Flights using Dividend miles and Tips

JAL SnipIf you are trying to book a ticket using US Airways dividend miles on Japan Airlines you may note that US Airways agents may not see the same availability as what is seen on the BA Award Search tool. I was recently trying to book a 120, 000 mile dividend mile round trip FIRST CLASS ticket to Japan and wanted to share my experience, which appears to be the same as many on FlyerTalk. As all of you may know US Airways agents have just gotten used to Star Alliance hubs and routing only to find that they have to start all over learning oneworld hubs and routes. [HINT: They may not know destinations, hubs, and zones]

JAL Availability Seen on

The conversation with a couple of different U.S Airways went something like this: (I was spoon-feeding the agent flight numbers to make it easy):

Me: “I got cut when I was speaking to another agent about booking my flight to Tokyo. He gave me all the flight details and I have them written down.”

JLBookingUS Airways agent: “Did you give a record locator? I don’t see one here. Hold on, let me get the intl award window open, I usually just do domestic bookings.”

5 minute wait……

Agent: “I’m ready.”

Me: “I would like to fly first/business class on Japan Airlines flight 7 (JL0007) from Chicago O’Hare to Tokyo Narita on [Insert Date]“

Agent: “I don’t see availability on them, do you mean ANA?. I don’t know why you are trying to fly them, after all we [American] fly there directly from Chicago”

Me: [Sigh about the ANA comment]“My friend is flying JAL and he booked his reservation earlier. Besides there is no availability on American anyway “

Agent: “But there is a direct flight, why don’t I get you that” [She then goes on to manually request the seat]

Me: [Trying to stop myself from laughing] “Ok”

Agent: “Please hold, there seems to be a problem. The system won’t let me add this flight”

15 minute wait…….

Agent: “There is no availability on either carrier that day”

Me: “Can you try to manually request the space on JAL, I am pretty sure the flight should be available”

Agent: “Are you a travel agent? I can’t see/do anything”

Me: “No, I am not. Can you please try?”

Agent: “Ok, I’m going to try to open a new window and try to ask for the space. I don’t think it will go through though in the end”

Agent “Give me the next segment please”

We go on to do the same thing to obtain the space for the next JAL segment from NRT – FRA. And then we go on to book the “British Airlines” segments (LHR-PHL-ORD).

Standby is when flights are full and

by if-someone-doesnt-showUp

If a flight is fully booked you can be put on standby. Then if someone doesn't show up, you get their seat. I don't think it saves any $; you still have to pay the going rate.
To compare available fares, look at and Hipmunk has all the airlines except southwest airlines if I remember correctly. You can check southwest separately on their website.
You can save money by not having any checked in baggage. I think southwest is the only airline that doesn't charge extra for checking in a bag. Just do a carry-on bag if you can

10 favourite things about Japan  — Vancouver Sun
There is much to like about Japan. After 14-days touring from Tokyo to Takayama, Kanazawa to Kyoto, Osaka to Nara, I am coming away with some lasting impressions and a list of quite a few favourite things.

All Nippon Airways ANA GLOBAL
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  • International flights menu: BOOK A FLIGHT, MY BOOKING, CHECK-IN, FLIGHT STATUS, and OTHER MENU
  • World clock. Choose 4 clocks from cities of the countries to which ANA and other Star Alliance carriers fly.
  • Choose from 4 background themes such as the new Boeing 787 aircrafts and Japan.
  • Easy access to ANA s Facebook® page.
  • English / Japanese
  • ANA国際線予約で航空券の予約・購入、チェックイン、運航状況確認など豊富な国際線メニューをご用意しています。また、発地通貨でのご利用が可能です。
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