Best Times to visit Japan

When's The Best Time To Visit Japan?

Well, that’s a tough question. For me, if someone put a gun to my head and asked me: “When’s the best time to visit Japan?” I’d easily say “winter” (and not because I hoped this psychopathic traveler / Tofugu reader holding a gun to my head would freeze to death). No, I truly think winter’s the best time to visit Japan, but that’s because I like winter a lot. But, there are many things to take into account for when you visit Japan, and everyone has their own priorities. I’m hoping this post will help you to choose the best time to visit Japan for you depending on what you like (or don’t like).

The Wind, The Rain, & The Temperature

The thing about the weather is that it really depends on what you like and what you don’t like, as an individual. For me when I’m planning a trip to Japan, if I’m traveling I’d prefer it not to rain. That being said, I don’t mind if it’s super cold, which is why I make most of my trips to Japan during the winter (very low rainfall, cold). Then again, other people might like a few extra degrees in the temperature column, but would be willing to risk a little extra rain. Luckily, there are graphs for that.

*Note: These graphs are for Tokyo. I figured that would be a good “average” / “where most people go anyways” sort of place to start. Visit the website cited above for more info on individual cities.

The top graph provides information on rainfall in Japan. The second has to do with temperature. As you may have noticed, in general, the lower the temperature the less rain. So, if you want less rain, you should travel to Japan in January or December (February isn’t bad either).

So why does it rain a ton in September? Well, that’s typhoon season. Why’s it so rainy in June? Well, that’s rainy season. These are things that you need to know when visiting. If you don’t do your research, you could end up thinking it’s nice and warm and dry in August only to find yourself stuck in your hotel room during a typhoon. That would be no fun.

Does it have to be Tokyo?

by Live_Aloha

I lived in Tokyo as a military brat and I don't think it presents Japan's best face. It's a big important city with some things to see but what makes Tokyo Tokyo is lots and lots of offices and that's not particularly interesting.
You said in an earlier post that this is kind of a roots tour to show your kids the homeland. Why not visit the furusato, where your moms from? Or if food is your thing chase down the available food fests and matsuri.
I think I'd only spend a couple days in Tokyo and then I'd go try to see the countryside (Kamakura and Enoshima are relatively easy day trips from Tokyo)

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Michelle F
Where can I book a vacation in Italy for the Summer of 2012?

Is there any website online where I can book a vacation for anywhere in Italy (preferably Rome) in either July or August 2012? Someplace inexpensive would be nice. :)

It's too early to book for 2012. Check the travel guides and tourism websites to find the places you'd be interested in visiting and start planning for the trip, but you'll have to wait to actually book anything for those dates. You need to think about rather you want an organized tour or to travel independently, what your budget will look like for the trip, places you'd like to see and things to do on the trip. Then come back with more detailed questions in another year.

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