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Cruise Away from Hong Kong to all over the World

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Cruise Away from Hong Kong to all over the World

Hong Kong is a dynamic island, located at one of the busiest maritime straits of the world. It is the starting point for many cruise ships, and it is also among the favourite ports of call for the ships cruising through the South Asian region. Hong Kong residents have always been fascinated with sea travel, and today they are among the most avid travellers in the world.

One of the best ways to see the world around them is by taking a cruise on a luxury liner, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the countries which they visit. One need not comprise on the lodging aspects, as these cruise ships have five-star luxury accommodations with all the finest amenities and comforts.

Variety of Destinations

Cruise ships from Hong King have varied itineraries, ranging from the fabulously luxurious world cruise on Cunard’s renowned Queen Mary to the simpler cruises to Japan and China that lasts for seven days. There are cruises that last only for a few days, but are enough to make the passenger revel in the opulence and style of these floating five-star hotels. All you need is a credit/charge card to make the bookings and the desire to sit back. The rest of the things would be taken care of by the cruise ship staff.

Luxury and Grace

All the ships rival each other in the kind of amenities they provide for their passengers. They have the finest of chefs on board and the variety of cuisines offered is unmatched by any land-bound hotel. They also provide entertainment through the day, and make sure that there is always something happening somewhere on the ship. Swimming pools and jacuzzis, spas and gyms, speciality restaurants and casinos, libraries and viewing lounges – there is something for almost everyone on these cruise ships. They also have shopping arcades where payments can be made with a credit card.


Value for Money

Since the cost of a cruise ship ticket includes all the meals and entertainment; they are good value for money. The passengers do not have to check into a new hotel at every city, and they do not have to travel by cabs from place to another. The ships cater to children as well, so that the parents do not have to go around looking for food and entertainment suitable for their kids. The ports of call can be visited at your own leisure and if you do not want to get off the ship, it is your choice!

Safety and Flexibility

Cruise ships are very safe and steady ships. People suffering from seasickness on a cruise ship happen very rarely. In fact, most passengers do not even realise the constant sailing movements of the ship, or when the ship docks or starts sailing. The pace is slow and there is so much to see even when the ship is sailing. Just sitting on the deckchairs and watching the world sail past you is an experience in itself. The flexibility lies in the fact that you can take a cruise for only two days or you can travel round the world for over three weeks. You can indulge yourself by booking a suite for your family or you can take a simple room with a sea-view depending on your budget.

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Cheapest possible way to travel overseas?

by NewandBrokeTraveler

I'm saving my money to go on some kind of adventure in the near future. My boyfriend and I are planning on bike touring for quite awhile, working at W.W.O.O.F. sites for room and board. Countries we're thinking of are Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, and Spain, but plans are still being hatched.
I've heard rumors of short notice ridiculously cheap airfare. I've also heard rumors about traveling on cargo ships. How would I go about doing either of these things? Does anyone know an alternative method of traveling cheap overseas?

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