Escorted Tours to Japan

Autumn Kyushu Shikoku Escorted Tour

kyusu 3(Day 1 & 2) Honolulu – Fukuoka

Despite the typhoon approaching on its way to Japan, we didn’t have much turbulence also no rain in Fukuoka. Yay!!
First meal in Fukuoka – tonkotsu ramen (pork base soup).

(Day 3) Fukuoka – Imari – Arita – Nagasaki

We are in Saga pref. today and visit Imari and Arita town where it’s known for porcelain. As I get older I find myself admire and interested in Japanese porcelain. Sign of aging? Anyone?

(Day 4) Nagasaki

It was a nice sunny day in Nagasaki, view from Glover garden was fantastic, only if able to walk up steep hill… At the peace memorial park we were fortunate to meet with surviver and he talked to us his story and we were so touched by that. No good come from the war…only pepople suffere.

kyushu 1Soms of us visited famouse night view spot which is recently named for One of “The world’s three best Night View Spot” in Ngasaki. Over looking the port from Glover garden, the mountain across is THE SPOT! The rest of member enjoyed massage and Nagasaki chanpon or sara udon dish in China Town. My best kept secret shop was a big hit among the traveller. There is a small shop sales fruit mochi (fruit inside of mochi with azuki beens), this time they had more than 20selection to choose from. Chestnut and strawberry was everybody’s favorite.

(Day 5) Nagasaki – Shimabara – Kumamoto

This day we took ferry from Shimabara to Kumamoto. Member got so close and enjoyed each otheres company. In kumamoto we visited Suizenji park. You should not pass on sweet potato bun at the entrance, it is sooooo gooooood!


(Day 6) Kumamoto – Mt’ Aso – Takachiho

In Mt. Aso we were unable to go on top due to wind blow towards to us (gas), but we had great night show in Takachiho – Naight Kagura Dhow in full moon.

Takachiho is used as inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki, famous anime movie maker to create wonderful story both child and adult can anjoy.

(Day 7) Takachiho – Beppu

After visit to Takachiho gorge we proceeded to Beppu. In beppu we had time to take foot bath at “Jigoku”. Also at out hotel in Beppu, they had such cute display of Hello Kitty. Aren’t they look cute?!

(Day 8) Beppu – Matsuyama

We took about 3hr ferry ride to Matsuyama in Shikoku. Free Wi-Fi was available on the ferry. Some slept on cabin carpeted room. I think it was good to catch up some sleep since some still waking up early due to time difference. As an excursion we visited Dogo onsen by catching trams. Tour inside the oldest bath house was good fun, we saw (Picture taking was not allowed) where emperor took bath. This bath house was used an image for “Sprited away” movie. It is true to detail. You should at least take tour (250yen) even you are not taking onsen bath.

(Day 9) Matsuyama – Takamatsu

Finally we had fair share of rain due to typhoon approaching. But no big deal for todays’ activity. ; )

ARITA 1 nagasaki1 nagasaki2 nagasaki3
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Japan's 2011 Tsunami: How Far Will It Go ?

by 58andfixed

March 11, 2011 2:41 PM
NOAA just released this graphic displaying their best estimates of how far and high high the tsunami waves will travel after Japan's devastating earthquake yesterday.
Just a link to 3000 x 2000 JPG Image
Animated View of Tsunami Wave Height Model

Cruise News: Cruise ship with skydiving simulator to be based in China  —
It will spend the winter sailing from New York and in May 2015 the 4,180-passenger vessel will relocate to Shanghai, from where it will operate three to eight-night cruises to Japan and Korea.

Souls of Zen - Buddhism, Ancestors, and the 2011 Tsunami in Japan
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