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2014 Summer and 2014 Autumn Tours of Japan


2014 Summer and 2014 Autumn Tours of Japan

9 05 2014

Japan Photo Guide is excited to announce opportunities to experience Japan for Summer and Fall of 2014! This summer, there are a few dates left for private tours in June or July in Japan. Single day tours of places in Japan like Tokyo, Kyoto or Miyajima are available as well as portrait sessions in Tokyo or another place. Please contact Japan Photo Guide with your inquiries! Also, Japan Photo Guide has announced a small group tour in Japan for the fall leaves of 2014! While it will be a group tour, it will be small enough so that parts of it can be customized so participants can get the most out of it. While there will be a focus on photography, you don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy it and can certainly pass on some of the early morning photo sessions!

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Going to Japan alone in August any tips?

by beyond_Tokyo

I'm a woman in my early 40s going to Japan by myself for the first two weeks in August.
I am seeking affordable accommodations and food, and tips on what not to miss while there.
I assume I will spend about 5 days in Tokyo and the rest traveling around.
Is this doable by myself speaking no Japanese? I have heard that one can get by in Tokyo with just English, but once outside of Tokyo things may get tricky.
Any tips on which other cities to see? Does anyone know of local travel agents that may organize sightseeing tours guided in Engl

Bandai Namco Games Europe Are Coming To Japan Expo 2014  — n3rdabl3
Bandai Namco Europe will be at Booth BF76 Hall 6, at Japan Expo this July from the 2nd to the 6th in the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, France. For more information about Japan Expo, visit Are you going to Japan Expo?

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Is there any sort of tour group that goes/takes you to Japan?

I would love to go to Japan one day, but would be worried about going alone being I dont know my way around of a lot of japanese. Any one know of a place or some sort of group that takes takes tourist from the USA to Japan for a few days and has like hotels and attractions planned out? One especially for students would be awesome. If anyone knows of anything let me know, thank you!

It is very much possible to plan your trip yourself, there are tour groups in Japan as well if you opt to plan part of your trip yourself in getting to Japan.

What are some good shopping tour groups for Japan?

I'm going to Japan this summer, and my main focus there will be shopping. I am 17 so my parents worry about me traveling alone, and they insist on a tour guide/group. Most tour groups take you to scenic spots for sightseeing and other historic monuments, not leaving much time for shopping.

So I was wondering if there are any tour groups where they focus on shopping and take you to the shopping destinations?

Tell your parents that Japan is a very safe country, so they shouldn't have a problem with you traveling alone. It's much safer than most US cities.

The main places for shopping in Japan are in Tokyo, and they are easy to find. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the Tokyo subway and train systems, and you can get to the shopping sites easily. I guess you could arrange a guide to show you around the first day, but it really isn't necessary unless your parents are making you.

The places to go are Ginza for luxury goods, Daikanyama for Japanese…

Trip to Japan - tour groups?

Okay well next year in may I am planning on taking a trip to japan. It will last 12 days at least.
I'm a 18 year old female and I will most likely be going with a tour group.

Some of the things I want to do:
Go to a Host Club
Go shopping in the street where japanese people where the craziest fashion ( Forgot the name, I think it starts with 's')
Stay at a traditional japanese inn.

Is there a tour group that does all of the things I listed above and more? Which tour group do you recommend?

Also how do tour…

Osaka japan-place
/Osaka aquarium
/museum of history
/natinal art musum
/umeda sky building
/mino park
/bay area
/hep 5 fairis wheel
/tennoji zoo
/mt fuji
/dotobi street

Flight 1350$roundtrip per person
Hotel total 1540$ 14days 1bed
Food-500$ per 2people

Kaiba Seto
Group tours with English speaking guide to Taiwan and Japan?

So I want to travel to Taiwan or Japan by a group tour with an English-speaking guide. I will be traveling by myself and departing from America. Any good websites I should check out for this?

You can find tour guides and groups when you're there. Loads around.

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