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Japan Travel Guide : Highlight of Japan

Japan Travel Guide

Japan Travel Guide

The decision to tour Japan will always be the best one, a country of enormous and striking beauty, Japan is a great country and ultimately stands tall when it comes to the number of sites and places one can visit while in this mighty country. From the majestic Tokyo and the discovery of its pure and promising beauty of Hakone and the Mt. Fuji to the old and golden city of Kyoto which, in its image alone, describes Japan as a city of natural differences and fascinating achievements and diverse cultures.

Japan Travel Guide: “Know more Japan”

While in Japan, its important to understand the places that will surely leave a life-mark to tell the whole world that you were here. Among the must visit places, while in Japan are the magnificent cities of Tokyo, the warm Kyoto and the wonderful city of Hiroshima.Japan Travel Guide e a number of beautiful hills and less touched valleys such as the kiso valley. not to mistake and bypass the vibrancy of Shikoku.
At the town of Tsumango you will have a rear chance to spend your time in Japanese Minshuku and indulge your body with traditional Japanese meals. walks through the local village will bring you face to face with natural freshness of culture cultivated over the past hundreds of years.the beautiful indigenous trees and rocks are found nowhere else on earth. A wonderful place for individuals and the whole family at large this part of Japan is spectacular to the last word.


The beauty of art found in Japan is unchallenged a trip in Japan is incomplete without visiting the rich museums and discovering the wealth of art and culture that Japan never resists to offer. Osaka’s National Museum of Modern Art is packed with killer art works that will not only excite your eyes but will also leave you with an everlasting memory of Japans place in you heart.

Things to do
While in Japan its of great value to your visit if you try to scale the famous Mt. Fuji especially during the months of July and August. This experience is popular to visiting travelers and local tourists.

One of the most unique places in Japan to visit is the hidden Takayama, a place that was previously unknown is know easily accessible. It offers a feel of the entire Japan in a smaller scale. It boasts a mature culture and indigenous tradition, located close to the Japanese Alps, Takayama is accessible from Tokyo.

Going to Japan alone in August any tips?

by beyond_Tokyo

I'm a woman in my early 40s going to Japan by myself for the first two weeks in August.
I am seeking affordable accommodations and food, and tips on what not to miss while there.
I assume I will spend about 5 days in Tokyo and the rest traveling around.
Is this doable by myself speaking no Japanese? I have heard that one can get by in Tokyo with just English, but once outside of Tokyo things may get tricky.
Any tips on which other cities to see? Does anyone know of local travel agents that may organize sightseeing tours guided in Engl

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