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Usually "novice tourists" know only in Spain's two largest cities, Madrid and Barcelona. As well as for foreigners in Russia, there are huge only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Educate a few of these tourists will tell you about Valencia.

Valencia (Valencia) - one of the gems that Spain offers visitors. There are wonderful sea beaches, modern cities with high technology production and modern infrastructure, smiling, friendly inhabitants.

Valencia - Spain Autonomous Region, which is located in the south- east of the country . Valencia - the three provinces: Alicante - a real tourist paradise, where bizarrely rugged coast are first-class hotels and tourist centers Kasteyon where friendly coast towering over rugged mountains, and actually Valencia . The province of Valencia is also the city of Valencia, administrative center of the region. Coast Valencia anciently inhabited many Mediterranean peoples . Having conquered the area, Muslim Moors settled here perfectly functioning irrigation system began to cultivate rice and citrus .
Beach lovers waiting in Valencia Costa Blanca (meaning in Spanish language " White Coast " ) . It stretches for hundreds of kilometers. For the most part of the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante. Here, on the fine sand white beaches are the best resorts in Spain - Benidorm, Denia and Calpe. Here is the famous amusement park " mythical land " (Terra Mtica), which can not fail to notice those who came here with the kids.

Valencia - a major city, the third largest in Spain. This is probably the most dynamic city in Spain . Where before he celebrated Barcelona! Valencia has become a symbol of the City of Arts and Science . Here is a grand science museum, aquarium, the largest in Europe and the Palace of Arts . Here, in the Valencian Museum of Fine Arts, you can see the work of famous Spanish artists. Art lovers will not leave indifferent Impressionists Valencia.

The most famous tourist town on the Costa Blanca - Alicante. In modern architecture, this city intertwined elements of a wide variety of styles. Alicante is the symbol of Santa Barbara Castle, which stands on a rock near the town Benakantil . You can climb up to the castle on a winding road, and you can lift.

The most famous festival in Valencia called Fayas . It is a celebration of spring meetings . He continues to 5 days, during which the streets and squares of Valencia and other cities are huge puppets made ​​of cardboard or papier mache . At the end of the holiday, these figures are burned . However, a bit like Carnival ?

Main Valencian dish and you may say, crown local cooking - paeyya . It is made from rice, meat and seafood . Roughly speaking, rice with shrimp and octopus . Delicious!

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Best place to travel to in March

by prefuse73

I have about 3 weeks to travel in March and about $1500~1700 US budget. Where do you guys think are the best places to travel during this time(weather-wise)? The closest airports for me are either Vancouver or Seattle. I'm planning to backpack and stay/eat at the cheapest places possible. Some of the places I've been considering are:
- Eastern Europe(Hungary, Czech Rep.) - says the avg. temp in March is around 15C, which isn't bad. But I'm afraid that most attractions might be closed down since it's low season.
- Spain/Portugal/Morocco
- Peru/Chil

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