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Boat tours along the coastline of the
Natural Park 'Cabo de Gata-Nijar'

Top tours of Spain: ‘Cabo a Fondo’ invites you to experience the coastline of Cabo de Gata inaccessible coves, volcanic cliffs and scenery of unforgettable beauty only to be seen from the sea.

You will see volcanic sand beaches forming dunes that enter into the mountains, rocks with layers of different colors, shapes and textures with spooky sea caves where the pallid swift nests . A magical still untouched landscape.

This is an opportunity to explore inaccessible and hidden spots with steep cliffs, coves and during migration time, you may even experience the most axtravagant spectacles of nature: flying fish jumping out of the water and literally flying on the surface!

The Tours

Depending on the sea and weather we choose one of the different tours, always looking for the place that has better weather, since the wind forecast is not very reliable. All routes are of exceptional beauty and each has its peculiarities wonderful scenery.

Boat Type:

The boat is semi-rigid which means that the hull is made of fiber (rigid), surrounded by an air float (zodiak type with seats) with several separate compartments preventing deflation. These characteristics make it virtually unsinkable.

These type of boats are very stable in navigation and are chosen when security and stability is required, such as rescue crafts.

Schedules | Duration | Price

Estimated Travel Time: one hour

Price Route: Adults: 20 € | Children: 15 € (up to 12 years old)

Departure Times:

- Playa de las Negras


Schedules may be adjusted according to demand and weather conditions.

The place of departure and route will be chosen, depending on sea conditions.

All this information will be provided in the moment of reservation and any changes will be communicated as soon as possible.

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by med25

I travelled all over Spain when I was 17, and again when I was 19. Alone. Get a Fodor's travel guide book. They list all the different places and prices. But don't always relly on the directions!!! There's a big one right on Las Ramblas, blocks away from the Gaudi Cathedral (a must see, pay to climb up it's soooooo worth it). Lonely planet has had a lot of complaints, might not be the best guide. Don't be alarmed by single travel either. You'll never really be alone. By staying in youth hostels you will get to meet so many people and make great friends. I still keep in touch with m,any of the people I hung out with

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