Cordoba Spain Travel Guide

Cordoba travel guide


Cordoba travel guide

Cordoba is Spain’s southernmost province .It’s the place where Christianity and Islam collided. Romans, Goths, Jews, Moors and Christians and more different kind of groups lived in Cordoba and they left their own and unique signs in city.

Cordoba is famous for its mosques, palaces, churches and more. Travelling Cordoba with a good guide is very important because here’s the history of religions available.

La Mezquita is the most popular place in Cordoba. It’s a mosque-cum-cathedral. It’s also one of the largest museums in world. Islamic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque influences are possible to see in place. La Mezquita is open to the public only April to June.
La Alcazar de los Reyes Christianos is also another place where Christianity and Islam is together. ’s built as a Muslim castle, but then emperor changed it to his own religion.

Cordoba’s Synagogue is also a famous one. Loral motifs and epigraphs on the interior walls are very important. It’s daily open. It will be very good to look Song of Songs before going there.
La Casa Andalusi is located in Judios 12. It’s one of the most important place for tracing Visigothic era. It’s also possible to see Moorish culture, Arabic coins, clothing and artworks in this place. g of Koran is also possible. The museum is daily open and fee is 2, 50 euros.
Museo Arqueologico have traces from prehistoric and Roman-era artifacts. It’s possible to see coins, sculptures and mosaics in there. Visigothic and Muslim relics can be seen together. Museum is in Plaza Jeronimo Paez 7 area and you must be careful while visiting there. Museum fee is 1.50 euros.It’s closed on Monday.

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