Honeymoons in Spain

Spain – Perfect Honeymoon or Romantic Getaways

Honeymoons in Spain

Spain is the perfect honeymoon place to go for those interested not only in relaxing, but additionally in discovering and experiencing another culture, because of the rich cultural and historic heritage of Spain

In Spain, Average temperature remains in up-thirties offering cool offshore breeze. The majestic land of Spain brings a honeymoon in its true sense. Head of gorgeous beaches, green rolling countryside and spectacular provinces, is really a delight to visit this time of the season.

Romantic Honeymoons in Spain

Honeymoons in Spain draw newlyweds thinking about Arts, Architecture, Night Life, Beaches, and much more. Barcelona, Madrid, and, the area of Mallorca, all offer the perfect Spanish place to go for your first romantic getaway as couple. Enjoy the artistic atmosphere of Barcelona while seeking museums and famous architecture.

Join in to Madrid’s eclectic culture and become wowed by the chic restaurants, never-ending party all night atmosphere, and unique fashion. For a more quiet, luxurious Spain honeymoon, get ready to the island of Mallorca, noted for its breathtaking scenery of cliffs and sea. Honeymoons vacation will keep you entertained, while enabling you to experience a bit of the siesta style life.

Romantic Getaways in SpainWhere should we go in Spain?

Madrid is certainly one of the cities you’ll will to go to on your honeymoon. The Museo del Prado, the Cathedral of Almudena, the Palacio Real and also the Casa del Campo are all beautiful cultural and historic locations that should top your listing of must see. Madrid will definitely keep you entertained both night and day with culture and history during the day and Flamenco as well as their great restaurants and clubs at night.

Barcelona is home to modern architecture and it is a red hot honeymoon destination. Las Ramblas is a tree lined pedestrian thoroughfare that’s popular with locals and tourists and it is one of the hote spots for shopping and dining.

Visit Seville and explore the inside of the enormous cathedral (Columbus’ Tomb) and also the Giralda Tower (fantastic views), the Santa Cruz section (historical Jewish Quarter with flower filled patios and quaint narrow streets), the Plaza de España (scenes from Lawrence of Arabia were filmed here-supposed to become Cairo) and the Maria Luisa Park (feed the tame white doves in Plaza Americas).

Think about a visit to Cordoba. Take a tour from the amazing former Great Mosque, the cathedral . Also stroll with the old Jewish Quarter, and find out Maimonides Square and the tiny synagogue building. Continue onto exotic Granada, passing through probably the most prolific olive-growing regions in the world.

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