Going to Japan

I am super excited because my life long dream of visiting the land of the rising sun will finally come true, beginning this March 27th.

I am going to Japan for two weeks! I've always been very intrigued with Japanese culture, it's always seemed very elegant and mysterious to me. It stands apart from all other Asian countries in my mind for it's uniqueness and charm. We will also be there during cherry blossom season! And, if we are lucky full bloom which I have been told is the most beautiful sight to see.

We are going to Tokyo for one week, and Osaka and Kyoto for the remaining week. I am so excited!

Tokyo (Shinjuku)

We are staying in Shinjuku area. I can't wait to explore all the different Tokyo neighborhoods, especially Harajuku on Sunday :) Other things I want to do in Tokyo so far are:

♥ go on a river cruise
♥ take a sushi making class
♥ take a day trip to Mt. Fuji (can't climb it until the summer I have heard)
♥ bike around the city
♥ maybe visit a cat café
♥ go to the Robot Restaurant!
♥ shopping!
♥ just enjoy being there!


After our week in Tokyo we will take the bullet train (excited for that, too) to Osaka, another city I've always wanted to visit. Here we are staying in the Umeda area.


After staying three nights in Osaka, we will finish our trip with Kyoto, a city that has drawn me to Japan just as much if not more than Tokyo and Osaka. I read Memoirs of a Geisha when I was around 21 years old, and fell in love with the scenery of Kyoto the author portrayed. The backdrop for the movie was just as good. We are actually staying in Gion, where all of the old geisha houses were. And we are staying in a traditional ryokan, which I am super excited for!

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Going to Japan alone in August any tips?

by beyond_Tokyo

I'm a woman in my early 40s going to Japan by myself for the first two weeks in August.
I am seeking affordable accommodations and food, and tips on what not to miss while there.
I assume I will spend about 5 days in Tokyo and the rest traveling around.
Is this doable by myself speaking no Japanese? I have heard that one can get by in Tokyo with just English, but once outside of Tokyo things may get tricky.
Any tips on which other cities to see? Does anyone know of local travel agents that may organize sightseeing tours guided in Engl

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Michelle F
Where can I book a vacation in Italy for the Summer of 2012?

Is there any website online where I can book a vacation for anywhere in Italy (preferably Rome) in either July or August 2012? Someplace inexpensive would be nice. :)

It's too early to book for 2012. Check the travel guides and tourism websites to find the places you'd be interested in visiting and start planning for the trip, but you'll have to wait to actually book anything for those dates. You need to think about rather you want an organized tour or to travel independently, what your budget will look like for the trip, places you'd like to see and things to do on the trip. Then come back with more detailed questions in another year.

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