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The triton’s trumpet and the horned helmet shell are synonymous with Hawaii, as they are the large conch-like seashells blown at Hawaiian ceremonies, such as weddings and hula festivals. Look for them in slightly deeper water – sometimes up to about ten feet deep. Keep in mind that this sea life is rare and valued in Hawaiian culture. Collect only abandoned or slightly broken shells, and do not take more than one.

Along Hawaii’s beaches, look for cowrey shells. The islands are home to 35 different species of cowrey, a group of sea snails. They come in all sizes and colors, and you’ll often see them made into jewelry and crafts as souvenirs. If you don’t want a slimy surprise in your suitcase, make sure to check that there’s no snail inside.

You can also find colorful pink and brown harp shells, pointy augers, and the broken bits of snail shell with natural holes in them, which are known as pukas. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to find the shells of sea urchins washed up along the shore.

Seashell Destinations

For great shells, head to Hanalei Bay, the largest beach on Kauai and one of the best in the island chain. The two miles of gorgeous, golden sand have coral reefs at both ends that hold shells. Pu’u Poa Reef is on the left, and Waikoko is on the right. Rent a kayak and head out to search for shells in shallow waters, but be careful in the winter months as there are strong currents. d shelling beach due to its reef, and it has the added appeal of reportedly being the origin of the puka shell necklace craze.

On Maui, Kamaole Beach Park has good snorkeling and shelling around its rocky outcroppings, but an even better beach for shells on Maui is Keawakapu Beach. This stretch of sand also sees fewer visitors than other Maui beaches, so it’s less picked over.

Words of Warning

The mosaic-patterned cone shell is lovely, but do not even dream of picking one up if you see it on the beach. The cone snail will sting you, and it is poisonous. Stings from a small cone snail feel like a bee sting, but the larger shells have enough venom to cause serious pain and even death.

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Big Island can't brag about great beaches

by Sierra_Lady

Swim beaches are few and far between, and the west side sandy beaches are mostly developed (except for Hapuna, which is a state park). The Hilo side has lots of nice natural pools, if you enjoy that type of experience.
Most of Big Island is rural. Lava flow is an issue in Puna; that's why some of the land is very cheap. On Kona side, there is concern from time to time about the fumes from the volcano (know locally as vog ( i wish it were a real word for scrabble purposes).
Earthquake threat is real but most people don't think about it overly much

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