Cheap Airline Tickets to Japan

HOT: Super cheap flights from London to Japan for Ł322 (€385)!

Tips for cheap flights from UK London to Japan Okinawa 150x150 HOT: Super cheap flights from London to Japan for Ł322 (€385)!Joint service of Qatar Airways and Japan Airlines (however some of the flights are also operated by British Airways) are currently offering super cheap flights from London Heathrow to Japan. You may fly from UK either to Okinawa or Fukuoka from just Ł322 (€385)! This is by approx. Ł250 lower than usual price to this destination and could be possibly an error fare, we recommend to not contact airline/booking agent before the fare is gone..

In case of interest you better to not delay your booking as the flights will be most likely fixed/sold out very soon.

Where to book – In both cases you may purchase these cheap flights from London to Japan through booking agent Tripsta. Most of the flights have longer stop over in Tokyo giving you great opportunity to discover this incredible city.

Tips for cheap flights from UK London to Japan Okinawa 322 HOT: Super cheap flights from London to Japan for Ł322 (€385)!IMPORTANT: Some of the bookings are requiring to change an airport in Tokyo (also as per our booking sample below). Transport between the airports is not included and has to be arranged on your own expenses. (however there is enough time to transfer and also giving you another chance to discover Tokyo city)

Okinawa (OKA) – While looking up your flight at Tripsta use “+-3 days” search button. The cheapest flights at this low rate level are possible to find in travel dates till the .

Fukuoka – classic search using “+-3 days” search button does not show actual rate, only once you choose actual travel dates you will be able to see the flights at this rate level. Below we are adding samples of travel dates currently available for Ł325.

Travel date samples:

14.1. – 28.1.

21.1. – 4.2.

5. – 15.2.

19.2. – 2.3.

26.2. – 9.3.

4. – 17.3.

You can find booking sample of flight from London to Japan (Okinawa) below. Departing from UK on 26th of February and returning back from Asia on 10th of March 2014:

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Cheapest ticket to asia? Japan/korea/china

by baston

Anyone recommend an airline or travel agency that can get me to North east asia cheap? I'm going there next feb or march. Tickets seem to be in the 1000-1500 range. Would like to get it for under 700 if possible. Don't care which country I go to since I'll be visiting all of them and it's cheap (100-200) to fly once I'm already over there.

10 favourite things about Japan  — Vancouver Sun
There is much to like about Japan. After 14-days touring from Tokyo to Takayama, Kanazawa to Kyoto, Osaka to Nara, I am coming away with some lasting impressions and a list of quite a few favourite things.


Michelle F
Where can I book a vacation in Italy for the Summer of 2012?

Is there any website online where I can book a vacation for anywhere in Italy (preferably Rome) in either July or August 2012? Someplace inexpensive would be nice. :)

It's too early to book for 2012. Check the travel guides and tourism websites to find the places you'd be interested in visiting and start planning for the trip, but you'll have to wait to actually book anything for those dates. You need to think about rather you want an organized tour or to travel independently, what your budget will look like for the trip, places you'd like to see and things to do on the trip. Then come back with more detailed questions in another year.

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