Attractions in Florida

TOP5 attractions in Florida Keys

Fort Jefferson in Florida.Dry Tortugas National Park
Are you interested in history, but would like to have some fun and snorkel as well? Dry Tortugas National Park is the best combination of both. This archipelago of seven Dry Tortugas islands is the most isolated and least disturbed place of all the Florida Keys reefs. The National park preserves Fort Jefferson, which is massive unfinished coastal fortress. There is a historical tour offered or you can just wander around as well as snorkel in the crystal clear waters. There are two ways of transport to Dry Tortugas, by boat or seaplane, your choice.

Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory..

Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory
This is an amazing place to visit. Once you enter you will feel like in a wonderland. So many beautiful butterflies will surround you. Just imagine all the colours – yellow, blue or even orange butterflies. But there is more to it, you could also see flamingos, sea turtles and little birds. It is the perfect place to visit after walking down the busy Duval Street as the Conservatory is located on the south end of the street.

Tropic Cinema Key West.

Tropic Cinema
Attention all cinema lovers! You going to love this! Once you are in Key West walk to the Eaton Street and visit the Tropic Cinema, “Best Florida Cinema” for 4 consecutive years. This cinema is a classic with the old movie theatre feel. It is a non-profit theatre staffed by friendly volunteers offering huge selection of movie snack imaginable! What more can you wish for?

Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church in Key West.

Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church
Saint Mary Star of the Sea is a very well maintained and nicely decorated Catholic. You can also visit the park just next to the church with a beautiful grotto. Once you are in the area we truly recommend to go to mass with very welcoming atmosphere.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime Museum
This is one “little” hidden gem. This ship had been in 3 wars before it was decommissioned and everything was the left it was. This is great for military history lovers, but everyone will enjoy it. The staff is very friendly and helpful (only volunteers) and if you will be lucky enough you can talk to some interesting people, like a commander of the submarine during WWII. The entrance fee is just $10 and it is completely worth it.

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Attractions in Florida.

by Roadtrip-From-NYC

Hi everyone:
I'm driving down to Florida this Friday, and I'd like to get a few suggestions on "must-see" destinations in Florida.
We enjoy a lot the beach, so that's definitely something we're looking forward to, but we'd like see other places as well. What can you recommend?
What are the best beaches to practice some surfing for beginners, and snorkeling?
Thank everyone for reading and giving suggestions.
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Funky Floridiana: Weirdly wonderful attractions along the way  —
.. are someone's quirky creations, and most are worth a look if you happen to be traveling the area. Besides, a visit to any of these spots makes for good retelling. • Here then is a selection of the oddest attractions in Florida.

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Holidays to Disney World Florida?

Hi I'm confused about how to book a holiday to Disney land. Is it cheaper to get all inclusive with regards to flights and park tickets or get separately? Looking at lake buena vista. How many park tickets are needed? There are 6 of us going for possible 10 days. Thanks!

You posted your question on the Orlando section, and it's clear you mean the park in Florida. Keep in mind that Disney World is in Orlando while Disney Land is near Los Angeles.

You may or may not be able to save by booking the different elements as a package. Compare carefully.

In my opinion, you are MUCH better off staying either at a Disney on-site hotel or one of the hotels connected to the WDW transportation system (examples: Hilton & Holiday Inn on Hotel Plaza Boulevard).

That way you can use your hotel as a base and go to it during the…

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